COMING SOON in 2023/2024!

I'm working on a set of parts that will allow us to convert the 924 to EFI, but keep all the CIS components in place and partially re-use them. 

The idea is absolute bolt on, plug in, start and drive, 100% reversible. 
So no wires to solder, no wires to split into. 
ECU comes pre-mapped. 
All the sensors and other EFI specific components will be bolt on to the old system and will stay as hidden as possible. 

The "cherry on top" is the fact that this system wont use a conventional fuel rail. 
Rather a replica of the original fuel distributor block acting as a fuel rail (block). 
I plan to re-use the old fuel injector lines as well. 

My aim is: you open the bonnet, you spend 2-3h bolting on parts and connecting electrical connectors, you close the bonnet and you start driving. 
Keep all work under the bonnet and installation time around 2-3h. 
End result is the engine bay looks nearly identical to the original but runs a modern system. 

This should bump the power and torque up, improve reliability and hot/cold start issues...smoother engine, more power. 
I'll do the tuning on the dyno. 

Throttle body needed for this conversion and recommended for the SC kit is the one from the Audi C4, reference part number: 048063D

Below some development phase pictures.